About us

Micro Flow Instruments

MICRO FLOW INSTRUMENTS. is the leading manufacturer of Rotameters, Flow, level, pressure and temperature Measurement & control Instruments used for Chemical process, Petrochemicals, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Food and Cements Industries etc.

We are one of the leading brand in India in our respective field with remarkable market share and very well develop customer base.

MICRO FLOW has evolved from a four man engineering to possible the best brand in India today in only a short span of one year.

Our comprehensive range of products & market penetration speak of our products quality and sincere market presence from its manufacturing base Faridabad (Haryana) India.

Quality Programe

Since its inception MICRO FLOW has created its own quality standards employing strict specification at each stage of products development, manufacturing and procurement ensuring that every instrument is precise and reliable. Confirming in its entirely to quality standard, this quality program is now implemented through out our operation including R&D, production, Sales and support.

Service and Customer Support

The philosophy of MICR FLOW is its commitment to support the customers. This commitment goes beyond the mere delivery of highly reliable products. It extends to education in order to maximize understanding and the capability of the equipment to achieve the best possible results. The all India network of subsidiaries and representative provides local service and technical support.

Micro Flow as Your Flow Partner

The long term objective for MICRO FLOW is the development of methods currently being used to measure quality products, changing method needed to pursue future technology for the benefits of our customers and our selves, as well as maintaining our commitment to the pursuit of excellence. It is our firm belief that research and development work that is conducted at MICRO FLOW will give our customers the technological edge they need to stay competitive.